How do I make the perfect cup of Colombian coffee?

I’m not a coffee expert. I can’t tell you all the differences between varieties and countries of origin. No one knew me. So why am I writing this article?
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My friends come to my house, drink my coffee, and say it’s the best they’ve ever had. So I decided to put down what I know about coffee and how to make it. I hope you find it useful.

A good cup of coffee should have three things: good quality coffee beans, good water and good preparation. Mix one of these three factors and you get a glass of hot, disgusting, bitter spice. No wonder so many people tell me that they don’t like coffee.
Coffee beans

Most of the coffee I drink in the US (I live in Colombia most of the year) is light and bitter. This is a direct consequence of allowing accountants to have our lives.

Do you remember a few years ago when you stayed at a hotel and made coffee in your room? They had a small filter pack that you opened and put in the coffee maker. Some accountants thought that if production could just take a teaspoon of coffee, no one would know the difference, saving the company over the course of the year. Another accountant did the same thing two years later. Then it happened again. Now I have to put two packages in the coffee maker to have good beer.

The same process has happened in restaurants, airlines and offices. Many companies use these same packages for their industrial drop coffee makers. Most of the coffee cups I get in the US are so thin that I see almost the bottom of the cup.

Now it leads to a vicious cycle. This hot, bitter water, which most businesses sell as coffee, announces to many: “I don’t like coffee. It is very bitter. ” So they reduce the coffee grounds they put into their coffee makers. And the result is even worse.

So, the first rule of getting a good cup of coffee is to use enough coffee. This leads to some rehearsals. Make enough coffee to get rich dark beer.

That brings me to the second point about coffee. Brands are different. Some are bitter, some are flat. My favorite is Colombian coffee. Domestic Colombian brands are the best. They are not as bitter and they seem to have less caffeine than American brands, even when they say 100% Colombian. There is one exception: Community Coffee. They have no nationwide distribution, but if you live within a thousand miles of New Orleans, you should be able to find it.

These Colombian cafes, particularly Oma and Selo Rojo, can be darkened and enriched without becoming bitter.


I am surprised that people will spend fourteen dollars for a small batch of roasted coffee from an exotic place, and then fill their coffee maker with tap water. What do they think?

Spring water or reverse osmosis water is best. But the water, filtered by a good filter, is good. Make sure you check your filter to see if it removes chlorine as well as solid and bacterial fungi. The Berkie filter, which removes all the above fluorides, is the best.

Some of you in the north may have good tap water, but here in Texas, a good cup of coffee is a must-have filter system. I have a water softener and filter here in north Austin.

Brewing method:

A drip coffee maker can drink a cup of coffee, but the spoiler, the French press, and the espresso machine are so high quality. Individual cups for the purchase of coffee makers and for one cup value are excluded from the run.

The stimulus for me is too slow and too low. You wait a few minutes for two cups of coffee. An espresso machine will take over my entire desk and cost a lot of money. And again, like a luxury market, there is not enough.

The French press gives me one liter of great coffee in one third of the perculator time, and it’s cheap to buy. Most places pay about $ 40 for the French press, but IKEA has $ 16. A coffee company allows free access to their coffee subscription service.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the French press, this is how it works. You put the coffee in a glass saucepan. Add hot water. After mixing the basics for good brewing operation, you place the accumulator on top of the beer and slowly squeeze it.

The screen at the bottom of the hanger allows the beer to pass through and press the foundations to the bottom of the beer. Now your coffee is ready to drink.

I like to add a small amount of natural sugar. This little sweetness is like activating an intense smell of coffee.

If you need to use a drop coffee maker, replace the paper filter with a thin screen. You can find them in a few places, but Target seems to be the best for the cheapest price. And remember. Use enough coffee.

I would love to hear how your experiences go.


5 ideas for cheap travel deals

Everyone wants to travel the world, right? How does luxurious navigation sound? Beaches, exotic ports of call, fine dining, 5-star service, ham and fruit drinks. Who could resist?
The training has one small problem. The fierce prices that make up the dream of a vacation voyage for 90% of people. But there is hope. I’m here to help you find the absolute best sailing deals. Wholesale prices, promotional trips and even casual F.R.E.E. travel are all in the tricks. My goal is to show you how to plan, find, book, and enjoy a shoestring budget travel vacation, be it your first voyage or your tenth.
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Be sure to check out this month’s top tips, secrets and tricks yourself, the tourism industry doesn’t want you to know how to get fantastic navigation deals.
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Here are 5 ideas to get started on the cheapest navigation deals:

1) Get out of season

Everyone and their brother plan a voyage in the spring or early summer. Think of a spring break, and that’s where you’ll find the crowds. The cruise industry is not going to offer any good travel deals during their busy season, as they are simply not mandatory. Expect 20-30% cheaper fares for seasonal sailing abroad.
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BONUS. Flight flights will also be cheaper during less travel months, saving you some extra money.

2) Consider the transformation

These voyages are heavily discounted, as the voyage simply transfers the ship from one home port to another. They have to make the trip, no matter how many passengers are booked. You will get a few less ports, but if you are a true sailor, extra days at sea will not be a burden. You can expect to save 40-60% per day on regular sailing.

3) Jump flight
Most sailing in the US originates from Florida and California, but do you know of dozens of other sailing ports (where do you leave)? Unexpected places in New Orleans, Houston, Seattle, New Jersey, and even Mobile, AL offer several itineraries a year. If you can travel somewhere else, within easy driving distance, how much money would you save. Predict that traveling from port to port and port costs about $ 1,000 to easily accommodate 4 families.
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BONUS. You also won’t have to worry about a hotel on both sides of this scenario in this scenario.

4) Last minute savings

Often, if your schedule is flexible, there can be good travel deals in the last 2 months leading to departure. Think about it. The boat is going, the top is relatively fixed, so empty asteroids on the navigation lines cost a great deal of money that can never be restored. Sign up for email newsletters (cheapcruises.com, holidaystogo.com and Travelzoo.com are my favorites) so you will receive priority notification of travel voyages.
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5) Talk about navigation

If you’ve ever sailed, you know that the ship has an endless array of entertainment and educational opportunities. Everything from underwater basket weaving, drawing lessons, wine tasting workshops. Did you know that everyone in attendance and their families enjoy a pleasant commute for one-hour workshops? Will you work 2 hours to get free navigation?


What are the best places to vacation in the US?

The best places to go on vacation depend on you, your interests, and your background. The US is so big and so diverse that you can spend your whole life looking at everything the country has.
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What makes you most happy? Do you enjoy relaxing on the ocean-clearing beach? Can you spend days exploring museums? Historical signs are your particular interest. Or do you want a taste of adventure outdoors? You can choose a vacation spot based on your love of history, interest in archeology, your hobbies, architecture, crafts, or your religious background.
Let your vacation budget and leisure time guide you in choosing a vacation spot. Locations near your home or outdoors can be ideal if you want to save money. Staying fit is also wise, as your vacation home is your hometown, with its local sites and sights you’ve always planned to visit. Wherever you travel, you can stay in a cheap hostel to save money, or you can blow up in a five star hotel.
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How do you narrow down countless vacation choices? For some people, the ideal vacation will be a luxurious environment, a resort, navigation, a bed and breakfast, a spa or shopping. Other people choose a vacation spot that provides sports, hiking and camping. You will have an active vacation if you visit a ski resort, golf course, beach and fishing lake, an underwater treasurer or a major league sport city.
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Nature lovers will be memorable on a budget vacation in the National Park or State Park or walking the Appalachian Trail. Some families will enjoy their time in a large theme park, at a historic site or at the zoo, a place where both adults and children will enjoy themselves.
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Why not spend your vacation getting to know your country and everything it has to offer? Let me tell you the most popular vacation spots.

The most popular destination is New York City, as it offers a wide range of attractions such as Times Square, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the American Museum of Natural History, Broadway, the Statue of Liberty, and luxury shopping.
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Believe it or not, Las Vegas, Nevada is the second most popular place. And there is plenty to do in Vegas, besides casinos, shows and resort sights. Lake Meade and Hoover Dam are also in the area.

Explore Washington D.C., the capital of your country, the third most popular vacation spot. Take a tour of the unique Smithsonian museums and set up your government.
Fourth on the list of most popular vacations is Boston, Massachusetts, with the Faneuil Hall Marketplace, the home of Paul Revere, signs of famous patriots, and a revolutionary war.

You already know about Disney theme parks. Children and adults love the “Magic Kingdom” in Orlando, Florida and Disneyland Park in Anaheim, CA.
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San Francisco, California provides magnificent activity for the big city, early missions and the Golden Gate Bridge off the coast.

Niagara Falls, New York is a picturesque wonderland with many honeymooners.

The Great Smoky Mountains of North Carolina and Tennessee collect vacations. Gatlinburg is a busy gathering place in Tennessee. It is a manageable disk for people living in the Middle East.
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The Arizona Grand Canyon and the Colorado River are places you should visit at least once. There are waterfalls and camps in Canyon where the Indians of Hawaii still live.

And I can suggest some unusual vacation destinations that can trick you.

Would you like to be antiquated in the Dutch state of Pennsylvania?

Get your party hat for Mardi Gras, Jazz and French Quarter in New Orleans.

Not only is Salem, Massachusetts, famous for its wizards, but it also has a lot of colonial history to know about.

If you like horses, the Kentucky Derby in Louisville, Kentucky, and the Kentucky Horse Park will attract you.

My latest suggestion comes from friends who have just completed a nationwide itinerary to visit unique sights on the road.

The online help provided on websites and travel forums makes it easy to plan your vacation. But if you want to rely on one person to set the route and make reservations for you, contact your local travel agent.

You will find more ideas for your travel vacations.


Old West Petticoat Dealer "Madame Mustache"

Eleanor Dumont, known as “Madame Mustache in frontier gaming halls was really one of the historical phenomena of that era. As a young retailer, he became a “super star” with twenty-one gaming and 39th gigs circling the West.
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Debate exists at Dumont & # 39; s on the birthplace; some say he was a French immigrant by the name of Simon Fule, while others say he was born in New Orleans around 1829. It is known that Madam Simon Fule turned around in the Bella Union Hall and Games Hall in San Francisco in the spring. Since 1850, he has taken the roulette table and created a great sensation.
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Forty-ninety, hungry for the mere look of a beautiful woman, the young French woman shuddered with oily alabaster skin, shining black eyes, a flaming smile, and long dark blows to her shoulders. For several days, the men stood behind each other to lose their golden dust-shattered doll, which, during a close inspection, showed a thin line of hair beneath her upper lips.
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The Bella Union was full of players who wanted to see or play against Madame Gul. Not to be found in other gaming halls, which quickly introduced French women to chair their roulette wheels. Over the next few years, women launderers or dealers became the main product of most gaming activities at Portsmouth Square. At the time she appeared, Mrs. Disappe’s bull disappeared from the scene, and her name was not mentioned again in any records or newspaper reports.
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A few years later, in 1854, the stage rolled across the dusty streets of Nevada, California, and a well-rounded woman appeared. Along with Parisian dress and expensive jewelry, the whole city was ringing in mysterious hair by a French woman coming down from the trainer. He was small and dense, with eyes like a dowel, a curly dark haired hammer, and a slight hint of a diphthong beneath the upper lip. She said that her name was Madame Eleanor Dumont and offered nothing about her past – a perfect woman of mystery.
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Satisfied with his transformation from Madam Dumont, the game wicket hired a place in the city center and hung a sign calling its foundation “Wing-et-Un” (French for “twenty-one”). City residents were invited to visit Bridge Street and play with Madame Dumont. Although there were more than a dozen playgrounds in Nevada, Wing-et-Un was the undisputed queen of the sports crowd. Twenty-one in Dumont & # 39; It was the game of choice and he was the master of the game, kindly expressing regret as he collected his winnings. When he closed his table, he ordered champagne bottles to be chased to the losers, which led most miners to say that “they would lose Madame sooner than anyone else would.”
Miners and townspeople gathered at the facility, which was described by both winning money and the charisma and ingenuity of the French housewife. Decorum was strictly applied, customers could not use vulgar or vulgar language. Strangely enough, the rowdy crowds of miners could not resist the polite demands of the fluctuating owner. Within a short period of time, he moved his operations to larger districts, where he added faro, lucky, roulette tables and dealer staff. He named his new gaming room the Dumont Palace and hired a Nevada City gambler named Devin Tobin to be his manager-partner.
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Then, for the next two years, the money circulated every day, so much so that Tobin, who had moved to the National Hotel with Dumont, wanted to master the operation. As he tried to make his move, Dumont was angry aloud. Just because they shared the bed, they didn’t make him the head of the outfit. He gave her an ultimatum. if he did not like the arrangement, then “get out of hell.” He certainly didn’t like the settlement, so after the final settlement he left Nevada and headed east.
When gold in Nevada finally dried up, Eleanor sold her operations and began touring other mining camps in northern California. He opened his game on the Yule River Bullard & # 39; In the settlements of Bar, Danubeil and Sierra; He then moved to mining camps on Peter River and later on Clement. In 1857, he worked for more than a year at the Foster Foster & 39th City Hotel in Columbia for twenty years before moving to Virginia City, where he managed an armchair boasting more than $ 30,000 worth of furniture. During this series of mining camps in California, he added “extras” to his table operations. The visit was his wreath, which required a “room rent”.
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In the early 1860s, Dumont traveled to the golden blows of Idaho and Montana, and by the end of the tour, he was approaching his 30th birthday. The passing years were not good for him. The long nights of cards and sweatshirts began to suffer, and his once legendary look slowly faded. Looking lost and incarcerated, he lost the size of his cup and years ago, when only nuanced upper lips, began to darken, earning him eggplant – Madame mustache.
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At Bannack, he teamed up with the men at McHarney’s two-storey playroom to show off the cribs above for quick rehearsals with young dancers working in the hall below. They underwent surgery and went for only a short time before gunning down his partner with another gambler named McFarlane. What to do? Never leaving to beat Dumont, the bloody corpse dragged, a fresh sawdust scattered on the floor, and the hall reopened, as if nothing had ever happened. He was later thrown in jail for posting $ 1,000 bail on MacFarlane, who agreed to be his new partner less than an hour after the murder. Yes, sir, the French woman never missed the opportunity of entrepreneurship.
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Leaving Banak, Dumont traveled to Fort Benton in the turmoil of Montana’s goldfields. Here she duplicated her previous work featuring booze, beauties, and bets. However, the glitter was lost from his earlier investments, where elegance and décor prevailed. He was cut short by plunging into a low rent. Steamboat captain Louis Roche described Dumont & # 39; game room.

“The inside of the gambling house looked worse, even outside. The bar and playrooms were housed in one large downstairs room. A solid set of stairs led up to the second floor balcony where I could see the doors lead to about a dozen small rooms. The place smelled of fog and smelled of sweat, unwashed bodies and cheap whiskey. The floor was dirty … In one of the upper rooms I could rarely hear the drunken man’s smile and the loud, shocking laughter of a woman who was quite sober. ”

Dumont jumped from place to place until he decided it was time to retire from gaming, so he bought a cattle farm in California and tried for a short time to do that sincere work. Quickly realizing that he had no idea how to run a farm, he contacted a sleazy man named Mc You McKunt, who claimed that savings was a buyer of livestock. The beautiful and well-dressed McCown promised her he could take care of everything, and they tied the knot. With their marriage certificate, the ink barely dried up. He took everything he had and didn’t dare.

Forced to return to the only thing he knew how to do, Dumont hit the mining camps and eventually reached Maddwood in the fall of 1876. He was treated twenty-one times in various halls and observed by journalist John O’F. Chintarin. Chicago Times: In one article he wrote: “He had a beautiful face at one time, which made crime harder to express cruelty. His eyes were shining like a cape, and he was scratching at the hands of gold dust or chips, the long white fingers of which, at sharp edges, reminded him of hemp & # 39; s thalons. ”

Declining to become a dealer in low-grade playing wells, Dumont eventually strayed in 1879 in Bodie, California. At this point he usually drank in large quantities, and it was much more difficult to compete with the professional ranks sitting in his twenty’s. – One table. On the night of September 7 at the Magnolia Hall, he borrowed $ 300 to buy a table against two blacks. Try as he might just didn’t have it in himself. he was 49 years old, without a minor, astonished at whiskey-infused brain, and finally, when he became the last card, he was completely out of luck. With all the dignity she could muster, she was able to retrieve the chair off the table and stand up, “Gentlemen, the game is yours.”

The next morning he was found dead lying next to an empty bottle of morphine. Among the personal items found on his body was a letter he had written. The letter states that the instructions on how to use its effects “make him tired of life.” The: Union of Sacramento He summed up his whole life with these few lines: “Bodi. September 8: Eleanor Dumont, a woman, was found dead about a mile away from a city today to commit suicide. He was well known in mining camps. ”


Bitcoin News

Yesterday, after clearing support of around $ 10,000, bitcoin bulls failed to help push its price above this level and the BTC has now fallen to the top once again – $ 9,000 in the region.

Analysts are currently pointing out that Bitcoin is currently under pressure in the consolidation phase, but it is highly unlikely that this phase will deepen, as another major movement is likely to be inevitable.

crypto news

Bitcoin breaks below $ 10,000
At the time of writing, bitcoin is trading at just over 1% at its current price of $ 9,900, slightly reversing its daily high of almost $ 10,100.

Bitcoin declines to below $ 10,000 when the crypto community reacts to the somewhat frustrated Bakkt launch, as the physically populated Bitcoin futures platform has not yet received any significant use from large investors.

The platform is still well ahead of its launch, and analysts say it is still a very important development for crypto markets, but it is not yet clear whether Baxt will catalyze any significant movement inside the markets in the near future. .

Jacob Canfield, a popular crypto analyst, spoke to his 30-plus followers on Twitter about the current technical strength of the BTC on Twitter, explaining that it is moving towards a big move.


French Quarter. A Cajun Escape

Come back in time with the sights, food and music of the French Quarter and experience the cultural blend of French, Spanish, Creole, Cajun and American heritage. Quarter offers charming courtyards with plants and flowers, oak balconies, 18th and 19th century structures, jazz music swing and home-made fragrance. The French Quarter ensures the splendor and splendor of the Old South, delayed and stunning summer nights.
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Every street in the French Quarter includes luxury hotels that provide a carefree afternoon in the backyards, backyards and crystal clear pools. The hotels in the quarter allow easy walking, but high-quality accommodation is scattered throughout the city, with easy, economical transportation to all of New Orleans’ sights.
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Central Business District offers inaccessible access to all New Orleans & # 39; Sightseeing Hotels and hotels crumbling to immerse themselves in New Orleans’ culture, far from vacations, are located in every neighborhood nearby, such as Marigny and Mid-City.
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Walking in the French Quarter offers you the best access to antique shops, music, bars and bistroes. Head to other areas to soak up the historical past and places. When renting a car parking space, the rental car can be a bit of a burden.
all-inclusive vacation packages
It is possible to explore the sites by street, bus or taxi. Charles streetcar is America’s oldest operating line. If you need a little physical activity, you will find many bike rentals in the quarter.
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New Orleans boasts an adult-centered urban reputation, but it also features a number of attractions for families, cultural heritage and the arts.


New Orleans Jazz – News & Views – Elmer & # 39; Coo Coo & # 39; Talbert

Elmer Talbert “Your Coo”

Born in New Orleans on August 8, 1900, died in New Orleans on December 13, 1950.
Hotels Nearby You
The following is a brief recap of Elmer Talbert’s career, thanks to “New Orleans Jazz – A Family Album” by Dr. Edmond Socon and Al Rosie (University of Louisiana Press).
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In 1929 he was with the Arnold Depas Dance Orchestra. She had lessons from Kid Rena and sometimes worked for Rena & # 39; s with Bass Band and Paul Barnes. He, like many other New Orleans musicians, was a part-time musician, earning a living by doing laundry. He received a stroke in 1947, but recovered well.
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Between his untimely death in 1947 and another in the late 1950s, he made some noteworthy recordings with Louis Bend band George. On November 23, 1949, Bourbon’s 1111 party was hosted by jazz lover Herb Otto. The Luis Bend Band was all there, with other musicians and jazz buffs in attendance.
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Herb Otto and his friend Bob Greenwood both had recording machines and most of the music was recorded. American Music Label AMCD 74 “The George Lewis Band at Herb Otto & # 39; You can hear the result at s party 1949. Hello, not the loyalty, but the music shines, it is very hot, and our first opportunity to hear “Coo Coo” Elmar Talbert.
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In May 1950, Edmond Soushon arranged for the recording of the Lewis band on behalf of the New Orleans Jazz Club. The notion was that if Dr. Sochon could sell the record, George’s lair and the band would get money. The recording took place in the Philippines & # 39; in a music store on Barak Street.
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New Orleans hot and noisy day; cold water, soda, beer, and goodies were available on a lot of ice. Bandleader George was strictly in control of the drinks, and the resulting music was probably the best classical jazz class of all time.
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You’ve heard “Lew’s Louis Jam I’m Sassy” on AMCD 104. The whole band is fantastic of course, but Elmer Talbert & # 39; s trumpet and his amazing vocals are in “2.19 Blues” and “Pallet On Floor” in the desert. Island wheels for me.
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Only weeks later, on June 5, 1950, with a trumpet “Quo Cove,” George Lamb’s Lewis Band made four tracks for the label “Good Time Jazz.” This was recorded in New Orleans and was led by Jack You Leverkiller. In my opinion, this is the best quality in terms of the sound and balance of Lewis Lewis Band.
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I suppose there’s some degree of personal bias here, as this version of “Burgundy Street Blues” was played at my wedding to Diana Clark at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in New Orleans. The disc is on the Good Time Jazz L12005. GTCD 12005-2:
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Finally, on the Jazz Crusade JCCD 3054, the band Lewis performed with Elmer Talbert. This was the Disneyland Club program in New Orleans in September and October of 1950. Some dams Lewis and Jim my Robinson are here, and unfortunately our last opportunity to hear Elmer in the trumpet.


Travel travel in time to historic hotels

Most Trave travelers are attracted to books hotels for a wealth of amenities they offer, from waiters and pools to enjoyable breakfasts to award-winning restaurants. However, it is precisely the respectable history of these traits that is often overlooked.
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When faced with the temptation of time, historic hotels are deeply embedded in the textiles of the cities they bestow, with many becoming the focal points of artistic and literary life. The selected hotels have undergone refurbishment, which brought them their initial luxury, honoring the original details that surprised holidaymakers, business travelers and celebrities when the hotels first opened their doors.
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You do not have to be a history buff to appreciate their period furniture, timeless wisdom, and proximity to landmarks. Read and travel to memory before making your next booking.

New York

Algonquin Hotel : Calling it “America & # 39; in the premiere issue of Historic Travel Magazine, one of the Ten Great Historic Hotels, Algonquin opened its doors in 1902 at 44th Street between Fifth and Sixth avenues, just minutes from New York City.
World famous theater season. Although renovated in 1998 and 2004, it has lost its original splendor. The timeless elegance will surround you with Algonquin & # 39; s in a restored lobby that boasts oak paneling and Edwardian furnishings.
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In 1987, it was designated a New York City landmark, and in 1996, a literary landmark, the Hotel & # 39; The roundtable is named for a notable group of writers, critics, and actors, including Robert Benchley and Alexander Voolcott, who gathered at the hotel for a daily meal, brainstorming and playing cards.
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You’ll also be back in time for a more charming era, the Oak Room, which offers seasonal dinners and shows every week from Tuesday to Thursday. With its white tablecloths, dark-paneled walls and shimmering piano, the room was a starting pad for celebrities such as Andrea Markovic and Harry Connick Jr.

San Francisco

Westin St. Francisco . Perhaps most famous for its historic Magneto Clock, which adorns its lobby, this Union Square hotel is quite charming in the early 20th century. Opened on April 18, 1904 in the aftermath of the earthquake in San Francisco in 1904, the hotel was set on fire.
allegiant air
The reconstruction was completed in 1907, and the hotel was reopened in the same year. Over the years, the hotel has hosted celebrities such as Douglas MacArthur, Ernest Hemingway and several US presidents. Westin St. George Francis & # 39; The rooms adorn the turn of the century decorated with woodworking, high ceilings with gleaming chandeliers and windows that open to the city by the sea. Moreover, property is widely regarded as the center of the city’s literary, social and artistic life.
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Lenox Hotel Authoritative Member: Historic Hotels in America and The world’s smallest luxury hotels , Boston’s Lenox Hotel and the historic Back Bay are the property that provides the charm of old technology with modern technology.
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Lenox was the tallest building in Boston at the time it opened in 1900. Over the years, the hotel has become a popular haven for big names in business, entertainment, sports and the arts, with opera singer Enrico Caruso and actress y Judy. Garland to former Boston Celtics head coach Red Auerbach.
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Lenox has had four diamonds in four consecutive four prizes since 1998 and boasts superb salons, fine restaurants and comfortable accommodations, each with bedding, high ceilings, brass chandeliers and Italian marble bathrooms.
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Boston Park Plaza Hotel & Towers Boston & # 39; Another hotel in pagan history, located in the Boston Park Plaza Hotel and towers. Member Historic Hotels in America , the property has been filmed by members of the US Presidents and celebrities since 1927. Located just 200 yards from the nation, from Boston’s public and public gardens, the latter of which inspired the Hotel & # 39; s logo.
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It was also the first hotel to feature many of the standard amenities we find in hotel rooms today, such as living room radios and phones. Boston Park Plaza Hotel & Towers is conveniently located near Newbury Street Shopping, Faneuil Hall Marketplace and Boston & Theater & Financial Districts.

New Orleans

Le Pavillon Hotel New Orleans A proud recipient of the Four Diamond Award since 1996, this elegant hotel in the heart of downtown New Orleans, both are members The world’s leading hotels and Historic Hotels in America . After opening the doors in 1907, the hotel boasted the first hydraulic lifts ever installed in New Orleans, as well as the first basement ever built in the historic city. The hotel came under new control in 1970, a year that saw the rise of crystal chandeliers from Czechoslovakia, marble railings from the Paris Grand Hotel, Italian columns and statues, as well as antiques from around the world to complement the hotel. , the magic of the old world.

There is no question that there is more to these hotels than is in sight. So next time you book a hotel room, do some research on the features or more listed above that have your sights set on. You will probably be able to dig some interesting stuff.

The Importance of Being Merciful

How crazy was your day today? Reflect on that for a moment with me… with whom you interact. What services have you received? Who touched your day? Who made the change?

Sunday only at 10am. It's 30, and I'm & # 39; I already had a strange day. I'm & # 39; I went out of town to a conference, my flight was delayed (in fact I was lucky as I was sleeping and cut it a little too close), there & nbsp; construction at the airport, so finding my gate. Labyrinth, Starbucks staff was crazy, and I realized when I boarded a plane that I had ignored to call ahead to advise my food allergy flight crew.

And, in any case, I witnessed incredible service, patience, and attention than expected.

Who went up and down to help you today? Were you thankful for them?

I really have set my imperative to start thanking someone every day, the difference it makes is amazing. We often write fake emails to criticize frequent customers, but what do we do when the service is exceptional? Have we reached the point where we expect a certain level of service? Do we take into consideration the goodness of others?

And that's what interests me. Have we forgotten the basic courtesy of being thankful? Are we also caught up in our day-to-day crashes, looking at our phones, rushing from activity to activity, from task to task that we & # 39; re? in our groceries, thank the staff for putting our bags in our basket, thank the barbarians of Starbucks for the "just perfect" amount of foam for our Latinos.

In 2014, I was searching for conference venues for a client, in one of the promising places I reached the Convention Bureau and completely knocked my feet off to pay close attention to them. All I had to do was make decisions there, and the representative took them to the airport, booked for the hotels, organized all the meals, and gave tips and tricks to make our conference in that city a success. Subsequently three conferences, three different cities, and not once did we receive this level of service. I sent them this week too. Mail, thinking about returning to their service and reporting how unique they were (shouting to the New Orleans Convention Bureau) THREE years ago.

I'm sitting on the flight now knowing that my food allergies are a challenge for the flight crew and just appreciating their professionalism. I was the one who forgot to call in advance, I know better. They were patient, kind, and kind to my mistake (thank you West Jet!) And took the necessary steps to make my flight more enjoyable.

So, I challenge you to make your mandate for this week thank you to each and every day. And I mean really thank them for their honest and eye contact. Imagine the difference we could all make if we were just looking for time and being thankful. Better yet, join me on the blog here and shout at the amazing people who have touched your life.

You're ready for the challenge.

Religions. Past meetings are present in modern day cruises

Turn your lights, close your eyes, and welcome a style of music that many thought was good.

The soft sentimental sentiment of croning is the second time. A new generation of traditional aliens is restoring old standards from the Great American Playlist. Harry Connick Jr. and Michael Bubble are two of the most prominent modern-day maidens who sell concert venues and lead music charts.

The early days of croning

The crooked style of singing was introduced to America in the 1920s, but it really gained momentum in the 30's. and 40 & # 39; to whom? In the 1960s, this style of music was drastically reduced in popularity. Some religious icons were able to maintain the following in the 1960s and early 1970s, but they were a larger audience of loyal fans. Icon names such as Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Nat King King Cole have all passed away, but thanks to new crops, their music is still very much alive.

Harry Conny Jr.

Harry Connick Jr., born in 1967 in New Orleans, Louisiana, showed talent at a very early age. The little child abuse was meant for greatness. he played keyboards at the age of three and ten, with Harry playing Beethoven & # 39; s Piano Concerto No. 3 with Opus 37 with the New Orleans Symphony Orchestra. A well-known instrumental and vocal musician, Connick has released more than 20 albums and has more than one jazz album in the US than any other artist in jazz history.

Ement came to mind after releasing hits on his contemporary maiden status That should have been you and: But not for me From 1989, when Harry met Sally's soundtrack. The new generation of protective fans have largely welcomed Harry Connick Jr., as well as traditional soft crooked sounds. Interestingly, Konik has followed in the footsteps of his religious predecessors that he has embraced the big screen and made great success as a leader in film and television.

Michael Buble:

Born in Canada in 1975, this global affection and 39th vocal talent caught the attention of parents as they heard him sing White Christmas at the age of thirteen. Michael Bublé sang in the fifteenth nightclubs. A brilliant stellar moment for the young artist came after winning the Canadian Youth Talent Competition. Bublé signed with the agent and took every available idea that could be imagined. From cruise ships to hotel chains, Michael was resolute in front of people.

Once again, as with his former junior colleagues, Bublé has landed the roles of television and film as a means of gaining influence in the show business world. It began in 2000 when Bublé decided to change gear and pursue a career in journalism, but an unforeseen chain of events led to Grammy Award-winning producer David Foster. Foster has agreed to make an album for the artist he wants, the rest is music history.

Finding great success with memorable standards such as, Once in my life and: Come fly with me , Bubel also had the originals of the charts. Bubble struck gold with his hit single House , who were leading the pop and country music charts. Often compared to the late Frank Sinatra's vocal style, Bublé gives the new generation a taste of real crane technique.

Not a passing fantasy

Croning may have seen its heyday in the mid-twentieth century, but some talented young artists refuse to let the musical style die. Welcoming and transforming the standards of the Great American Songbooks, as well as offering original songs, these modern maidens present a gentle sentimental style of music to a whole new generation.

Can you imagine all the work of God in a small fishing boat in the midst of a violent storm?

This case identifies the qualities and qualities that are necessary and essential for leadership in critical times.

In Luke chapter 8 of verse 22 we read about Jesus Christ and His disciples floating in the lake, and Jesus, the Son of God, sleeping in the boat. Jesus is tired. He has preached and taught and answered questions. He is physically exhausted – worn out – dead – and needs rest. He is a man. He is a man. This is all He needs to rest. So often a good rest – a good sleep, everything we need. What a marvelous look at the humanity of the Son of God!

When Jesus is sleeping there, a storm arises, and the boat is thrown around, and there is a very real possibility of their ship sinking.

(We saw the storm on the shore of the lake, about 4 or 5 o'clock in the morning, from the beautiful room at the Ron Beach Hotel, located on the Galilean coast of Tiberia, where we had bathed a few hours ago now like a boiling pot. The cool air revolved. is through one of the valleys and falls into hot water, which suddenly becomes very rough. It was like putting your hand in a basin and drowning it up and down, and it's almost frightening, and boats can swamp or sink against rocks.

This is the situation these disciples are in, and Jesus is asleep. Water where the boat would go. These experienced fishermen knew the danger they were facing. This is a crisis. The whole future of God's work lay in this little fishing boat, ASLEEP.

Master and men, Lord and disciples, if now all that was possible to wipe out, what a victory for the enemy! Refer to what Jesus says to us these days, when we can so easily think that everything is lost. No, it will never happen.

Why can we be so sure? Because it says so in the Word.

The disciples wake Jesus up and tell him about the danger. If only they knew their real danger, far more serious than a group of drowning men. The enemy was trying to destroy it. He does this – to discourage – to depress – to demoralize – endangering our lives and seeking to destroy them.

Remember what happened. The kingdom was visible, and the kingdoms collided; A clash, and that can happen today. Different values. Priorities: collision and collision. We have seen that in case of sperm sowing, family pressures and other requirements and priorities. The kingdom of darkness encounters the kingdom of light. Now it is violent and can use violence. You have to win one kingdom to win, one kingdom has to win another. A kingdom must give way.

We stand with this kind today. Things come into our lives. Situations are created, we feel devalued, we are discouraged, we may even think we can be destroyed within an hour.

Stay with Jesus in the ship, in the Book, in the ship, and in the Book at such times. You remain FREE – maybe with some insecure questions, but still FREE.

Jesus, realizing all that was done, rebuked the wind and the raging water, and these powerful forces obeyed the Creator's even stronger voice, and ASAL descended upon the situation.

Jesus did not promise us a smooth journey, but He promises to be with us.

Then he asks his disciples: "Where is your faith?" And sometimes we have to ask ourselves, especially if we are demoralized or in danger.

These 12 men take another look at the character and power and authority and control of this mighty Lord, who can even command the winds and the waters.

This is the one who called them. This is the same one who called us.

They go to complete their journey on the lake. No wonder the devil did not want Jesus and His men to sail in a safe boat on this occasion.

What a sight to welcome Jesus and these disciples! A man came to Him, naked, with demons, guided by evil spirits, demons, and Jesus was dealing with it.

No wonder there was a storm on the lake. When storms occur, it will be helpful to ask why. Why at the moment? What is the reason? Why did this situation suddenly start, and where did this conflict originate so quickly? It may be wise to take the time to pray to God in prayer. There is usually an answer. Because of the suddenness of circumstances, there is an irreplaceable spiritual cause. Ask her. He is not asleep now, but is resurrected and reigned.

Sandy Shaw:

Dispatchers from the Persian Gulf, a swamp of honey island

For me, IZ CITY MUST MAKE FREE CIVILIZATION & # 39; In many places you have to retreat from neon signs and golden arches and completely get out of the concrete jungle to find the desert. Generally, if I had even one bar reception on my cell phone, then I didn't have far enough. Many of America's populated areas are trying to integrate the desert into civilization in the form of "green areas" – exquisite meadow plots and meadow benches that supposedly convey a sense of nature and openness. In The Deep South, it's the other way around. Here small towns bring a sense of civilization to huge, untreated places. Even larger suburbs seem to be strained to keep the creeping desert underwater.

Slidell is a New Orleans suburb located on a pine canopy on the northeast shore of Lake Pontchartrain. It is an area filled with rivers and floods, where small gravel roads lead to stretches of home that are deep in the marshes where you would not think these neighborhoods could be. It is a low-lying area so low (3 feet, precise) that the term "terra firma" does not actually apply. And unlike many places around the country, one can dig deeper into the desert here and throw stones at Waffle House.

Slidel is bounded on the east by the west bank of the Pearl River, flowing through it, located on the Indian highway at Nanih Vaya, in central Mississippi, and drains into Rigolets and finally into the Gulf of Mexico. Pearl is located in the swampy area of ​​the Honey Island, one of the most beautiful and least changing rivers in the United States. It calls it "fairytale wild honey" tales made by rhinoceros bees who have fled their beekeepers.


We did not make any hotel reservations. It was nothing on the journey. We had no plans other than to travel alone and explore the forgotten corners of the land of these subtropical wonders. We drove slowly along Hwy 190, trying to get in. I soon saw that the graves were not Katrina's. the only items stolen by flood waters. A great tanker sailed a mile from the open water of Ug. I went out to take some photos and was immediately attacked by swarms of what the over-flying ants looked like. These little monsters had come in twin pairs, and I was surprised that they would take the time out of their pretextual rituals to get their teeth (or jaws, or poker, or whatever) into my forearms. My only option was to run until I was able to take a few photos and then drive again. It is astonishing how fast a thirty-year-old can run when he is chased by two-headed satanic errors.

A few miles and a few beach boats later we drew up a list of clutches that welcomed the Swamp Museum off the coast of Prophet. A wooden corridor went out to the bank, where we met two captains on a marshy tour, both with heavy emphasis. It was early in the morning, and the two captains completed their day trips. They told me that the swamp tour business was good before Katrina. The Honey Island Swamp guides are now fortunate to have one full boat in one day, and it would be a waste of gas and time just to take us on a turning tour. As we made our way back to our car, another tour sailed by boat and offered to take us to heaven.

Ah, the swamp. Something I've seen in many films but never felt for myself. Surprisingly, it was so peaceful for wildlife. The setting was right off the boat launch site on the Disneyland Caribbean pirates, except that the scene of that special swim was probably taken from here. The old cape boards started running the bank, and I was half expecting to catch a fisherman who would like to work, Susanna & # 39; on its bangos before the pirate world falls into the waterfall. But this was the real deal. It was obvious that Katrina was here. The rows of boards floating along the boats were floating. Beyond the start, a small mid-size pavilion rested near a slightly smaller house. Next to the first boy ran a small board that seemed to be crushed by the storm.

Deadly River

"I & # 39; I'm going to plug in a little electricity, ”says Neil Benson, captain of the Pearl River Eco-tour. "Oh good good," I thought. "I & # 39; I'm dying here. " It turns out that he just meant that he was going to run the ship really fast. However, it felt good. Captain Neal stopped a mile down the main waterway and stopped turning into a narrow canal crossing a fog called the Dead River. The blacksmith is a surface system of the underwater pond which runs parallel to the main highway. The Honey Island Marsh is a 70,000-acre maze of these sleds.

"Beware of the huge cut as we go," Neil warned as he pointed to the dense fragments of tall, large grass that dug along the side of the ship as we drove past. "It's & # 39;

Neil Benson grew up in a swamp. He first went to the pirogue at the age of 10 alone, and on the 12th he got his first motorcycle. “I know a lot of people here who are very strange. Everyone who lives in the swamp runs from something – the law or the votes. in their heads. "

This caught my interest. I asked him to provide details later.

"Sw Swarm is a place to lose yourself. Sometimes purposeful, sometimes casual. If you run away from life, the marsh will easily accommodate your request and take away your past and hide it in the water and under the trees. »»

In the labyrinth of the Dead River, we were going mile by mile before I realized that after getting out of the car, we had stung by a bug. Not even a mosquito that surprised me considering we were in the open in the swamp. In fact, in addition to the many attempts by our newborn and # 39 to jump off the boat, this was the most peaceful boat ride I've ever gone on. The Swamp Swamp is a beautiful place. Bal is true, knees of bald fists tremble on the misty surface. Still dark waters combine with opaque animal and beefy enchanted tuffles to seduce, but also charm. Wikipedia defines the swamp as "a damp area that represents the temporary or permanent intrusion of large areas by surface water bodies." The Nile defines it as an "underwater forest".


The Nile killed the engine as the seabed opened into a snowy lake or reservoir created when the broad meadow of the river was cut. I noticed a small green tree frog dug on an armchair beside my elbow. Although the marsh is densely populated with wildlife, it does require a trained eye to attract much attention. When I saw the frog, I began to notice it everywhere. The marsh is like the Waldo 3rd place where & # 39; The best way to learn about wildlife is to think about one type of animal and scan the banks until you see it.

We don't have many critics in Utah. I sleep on forest floors and dive into lakes and rivers without a second thought. My nurtured wife from Texas was almost heartbroken when she first saw me go out to the Provo River for a swim. There is a shortage of cattle in Utah that can hurt / hurt / kill you compared to Deep South. The most dangerous creature for Utah hunters is fury. And even he will give you a fair warning before the strike.

What worries me about this swamp is the wildlife that you can see – the standards that blow under the rusty surface of the water. Neil says swimming in the swamp is no more dangerous than swimming in any other river. "Yes, we have alligators, snakes and sometimes stunning sharks in the river. However, like animals in their natural ecosystem, animals are more afraid of humans than humans are afraid of them. ”

Well, I guess it's only sometimes that bull sharks get mixed up with alligators and snakes. I feel so confident.

SWAMP rates and gates

Something of a political anomaly, Neil is a serious environmentalist who drives a NRA bumper pickup. His love of exploration and adventure grew into the passion of this delicate ecosystem, and he led marsh tours for over a decade. A few days later, Hurricane Katrina nearly wiped out life in the swamp, removing its canopy and flooding it with salt water, with Neil planning to check damage with Tampa Tribune journalist Ben Montgomery.

"This is incredible," he told Montgomery. “For the life of me, I never predicted it. Passed: All":

"It was the first time I had been in the swamp after a hurricane," Neil tells me over the phone two years later, on the second anniversary of Katrina and # 39. “It was a heart attack. I'm & # 39; I'm not an emotional person, but I have to tell you that I was in tears. " A few hours by boat with Captain Neil reveals his zeal for this place.

Returning to the open water, we saw our first goalkeeper. After noticing one, we began to see them everywhere. As we passed, the alligators were floating on a boat that would throw in the swampy marshes for the Nile to throw at them. He even managed to get a pet he called Big Al.

In the trough, you see a lot from the corner of your eye. Here a frog or a snake, an alligator or a wild boar. There are stories about a very evasive creature, fondly called "The Word." Of the many scenes reported, no obscure photos were ever taken of the beast. But there are many believers. The "Honey Island" swamp monster is more a myth than a fisherman and swamp inhabitants. Over the years, several investigators have produced a monster & # 39; alleged footprints. Neil owns one of these casts. He preferred not to try it during the tour, "because I'm & # 39; I want to have some credibility. " His official position. "I believe in the 'swamp monster of the island of Meghri', and therefore it exists. If God did not exist, he would have to invent it. "

We were not witnesses of a fabulous creature that day. But then again maybe we were just moved to "tourist-friendly" swamp areas where the beast is less likely to be a skull. Looking at the swamp satellite image, I & # 39; i was amazed at how little we saw it. Next time I'm & # 39;

Neil tells me he takes people out for private trips, but he insists that clients sign "sign your life away".

"Because when you find yourself so far from nowhere, no one can predict what will happen."

Sign me up, Neil.

Boxing. The knockout of racism and inequality in America

Modern boxing is as old as America. They've grown up together, and like America itself, boxing is just as wonderful as cruel. It is as beautiful as the primary. From the bloody and illegal "exhibitions" in New Orleans to the fierce fights of the West to the West, boxing began to erupt in American boxing. It's called "Sweet Science" and "The Purple Art of Self-Defense", but ultimately, "boxing is a fight and a combat sport, a war on weapons", spoiling two fighters to fight one another in a round.

We can follow the history of America and the boxing arches of poor and destroyed boxing. Prizefighting is a prism through which we can view the most advanced in American history and struggle. The heroes of the legend often present the social problems of the day. In many ways the game of struggle serves as a means of "socio-economic" promotion. Author and boxer historian eff Efri T. Samson says: Beyond the Ring. "The Role of Boxing in American Society:" The sequence (of the great fighters) shifted from Irish to Jewish … Italians lacking B and Latin (o) s, an example that reflected the socio-economic ladder. As each group rose, it drove their youth into the pursuit and prompted them to pursue more prospective … pursuits. ”

In particular, two militants embody the struggle of their people, the unmistakably Irish L.O. Sullivan and Jack Black are Jack nsson.

Boxing & 39th Origin:

Boxing originated in Ancient Greece, and was part of the Olympic Games in BC. 688. Homer mentions the boxer in the Iliad. Boxing historian Michael Katz remembers the primitive origins of the sport.

Similarly to the first American settlers, the Presbyterians traveled from England to the New World. And like the pilgrims, the first days of boxing were often cruel and violent. Summons says: "Like so many American cultural, social, political and intellectual institutions, boxing originates in England. In the late 1700s, when sport existed only in its most formidable form, the British refugee struggle meant an air of wisdom and acceptance.

Early Puritans and Republicans often played the game of oppressive monarchies in Europe, but as American leisure opponents lost ground, the sport began to grow rapidly. Boxers in the 1820s and 1830s and 1830s, often referred to as a pistol, became a popular sport among American "immigrants who were not used to the restrictions on entertainment and games."

As the sport grew in popularity with immigrants, so did the myth of the individual. For better or worse, the United States is a people based on an individual's myth. This is the American dream, the fundamental doctrine that we can all "get our hands on" and become extremely rich, brutally successful and insane. For nearly two hundred years, the Heavyweight Champion has been the crown jewel of the sports world and the physical embodiment of the American Dream. He was the most difficult, "worst man" on the planet, and commanded to respect the world.

Samson says: “(T) he physical person is still in favor of the potential of the individual and the survival of the strongest person. He is the embodiment of the American Dream in which the lowest of individuals rises to the top on their own initiative and persistence. .This is the pointless escape of the dream. The meaning of the dream lies in its acceptance, not its fulfillment. "During the 1880's no one embodied the physical person or the American dream more than boxing's first great weightlifter L. L. L. Sullivan.

L. on L. Saliva and the burden of the Irish

Sullivan, also known as "Boston's Strongest Boy," was the last of the "naked jaw" champions. The son of poor Irish immigrants, he was a ruthless and hard-working man who was "going through a vaudeville connection, offering fifty dollars to anyone who could spend four rounds with him." Sullivan famously challenged his audience, saying: "I can lick any sonizer in the house."

The Boston Strongboy became one of the first legends in American and 39th sport when he stole millionaire Richard Kyle Fox, owner and owner of the National Police newspaper and National Enquierer. Legend has it that one fateful evening in the spring of 1881, while at New York's Harry Hill and Days Hall and at Emporium Boxing Hotel, Fox was so impressed with one of Sullivan's and 39's boxing games that invited him to his desk for a job chat, which Salivi openly refused, acquiring Fox & # 39; s hatred. "

Sammons notes:

The fox was furious and promised to break the Sullivan, as well as control the crown. He didn't either. Sullivan defeated all comers, including some of Fox's hopes. "Sullivan has become an international celebrity and American icon," rising through the ranks without looking at others. But Sullivan did more than build a personal conclusion, but: he helped raise boxing. The award ring now spread the estuary between the lower and upper classes. »

Sullivan has become a symbol of hope and pride for recent Irish immigrants living in a new, hostile country. About two million Irish immigrants arrived in America between 1820 and 1860. Most arrived as insurance agents and were considered more than slaves in the new country. Of those two million immigrants, approximately 75 percent arrived in Potato Hunger between 1845 and 1852. The Irish fled from poverty, illness, and English pressure. The Potato Dill has claimed the lives of nearly one million Irish people.

Author Jim My Kinsella says:

America became their dream. The early letters of the immigrants characterized it as a land of abundance and encouraged others to follow through with the Golden Door. & # 39; These letters were read during social events encouraging young people to join them in this wonderful new country. They drove ships that were so crowded, so terrible that they were called "coffin ships." & # 39; (par. 1)

The Irish were coming to America in vain and often unwanted. An old proverb sums up the disappointment of American immigrants in the nineties. “I came to America because I had heard that the streets were covered with gold. When I got here, I found three things: First, the streets were not & # 39; second, they were not paving at all, and third, I was expecting them to be smooth. "

Kinsella says:

Our immigrant ancestors were not looking for America. Occupational advertising was often followed by "no need to turn to the Irish". They had to live in basements and shanties … without (in) plumbing and (in) running water. These conditions led to illness and early death. It was estimated that 80 percent of all newborns born to Irish immigrants in New York City died … The Chicago Post wrote: "The Irish are filling our prisons, our poor homes … scratching the prisoner or the grandfathers, and chances are that (we) are blocking the skin of the Irish Catholic. Sending them by boat and sending them home will end up in this crime country.

But the Irish arrived at America's needs. Kinsella continues:

The country was growing, and men had to do the hard work of building bridges, canals, and railways. It was a difficult, dangerous job. A common expression among railroad workers was that "the Irish were buried under every tie.

L. on L. Salivan was the pride of the Irish during his legendary reign between 1882 and 1892).

Historian Benjamin Rader wrote:

Athletes, as public heroes, served as a compensatory cultural function. They helped the public to offset the traditional dream of success … and feelings of personal powerlessness. As society became more complex and systematic, and as bureaucracies had to succeed more and more, the need for heroes outside of the rules of fame and fortune seemed to grow.

During his tenure as champion. no one drew the public's attention more than the "mighty Boston." He killed Paddy Ryan in Mississippi, Mississippi, for the February 7, 1882 "heavyweight boxing exhibition" for the American Heavyweight Championship. The champion belt was called the "$ 10,000 Belt" and "something a king was comfortable with." Summons notes: an additional 397 diamonds adorned the emblem. "

After receiving a $ 10,000 belt, Sullivan regretted it and sold it for $ 175. He later defeated his arch-nemesis Ake Eileen Kreine in the seventy-fifth round, noting the final "bare-jaw" championship. boxing history. Sullivan reigned supreme, before losing his knockout to a younger, faster, more skilled fighter named "Le gentleman" in the twenty-fifth round of Cor My Corbett, 1892, in New Orleans, Louisiana.

You are Jack nsson and black pressure

Boxing historian Bert Shugar once said: “Boxing is a weird, weird sport. Bottom line – it's a legalized attack, but it has allowed people to be better throughout history. (I) have always been a sportsman. banished and the lowest ramp on any ladder. " Except for Native Americans, no group in American history has been as "rejected" as African Americans. They were stolen from their homes in Africa and moved to desperate conditions to live a life of slavery in America. “From the 16th to the 19th centuries, approximately 12 million Africans were displaced as slaves to America. Of those, about 645,000 came from what is now in the United States. (By the 1860 United States census, the slave population in the United States had grown to four million. "

From the very first moment they set foot on American soil, life was cruel to blacks in the New World. Although black slaves were freed after President Abraham Lincoln issued the "Declaration of Release" on January 1, 1863, it would be nearly a hundred years before blacks reached full equality in America. The twenty years between 1880 and 1900 were extremely difficult for blacks in America. The Congress went through a series of anti-legal actions that ended with the 1896 Pless v. Ferguson ruling guaranteeing second-class citizenship for blacks and marking the beginning of Jim Crow's era in America.

Although there were many black fighters during this twenty-year period, blacks were forbidden to fight for the heavyweight championship. Simmons writes: "Until 1880, the heavyweight boxing championship symbolized … the rise of the 39th World in America and the world … the title holder stood as a shining example of American strength and racial excellence."

But the retirement of the "granite jaw" and 1905 unbeaten heavyweight champion James Ames Ries retired. After winning unconvincing champions, boxing fans began to lose interest. By 1907 the first black heavyweight contender matured. Athletes of the day believed that the black fighter would bring public interest in boxing, while also proving "white physical and mental superiority".

A legend was born in 1908 and his name is Jack ye nsson.

Jack u nsson, later known as the "Black Menace," was an unknown fighter from Galveston, Texas. He would become one of the greatest and most daring athletes in the history of American sports. He was a huge man with a brilliant smile and incredible speed. Out of the ring and out of it Joh Johnson was bigger than life. Although he left school in the fifth grade, Joh Johnson was a clever and secular man. He played the archer, loved opera and literature, idolized Napoleon Bonaparte, and even invented and patented a tool used to fix cars. She also loved fast cars, fantastic costumes and white women. Even worse, white women loved him so much. When one of the reporters witnessed the ensuing parade of ns Johnson and the women who left the 39th hotel room, he asked that the champion keep his "staying power" secret. Ns Ansson replied: "Eat honey and think distant thoughts."

Actor James James Earl Jons, who played the legendary Jack Yousson in the movie Great White Hope, says: "He lived his life by his rules, the balls, the head and the heart."

Athletes of the time believed in the "abomination of the abominable, defenseless Joh Johnson, the possessor of white privileges, (being) a moral event of goodness against evil, (which) would serve as a lesson that resembled public black lingerie. did not know their place in American society. "

They couldn't be more wrong.

In Sydney, Australia, Jack Johnson defeated heavyweight champion Tommy Burns to win the crown. After the fight, the "Black Menace" became the instant hero of the legacies of blacks and racist Jim My Crow policies of the three hundred years of slavery. The headlines of "Richmond Planet" read: "No event in 40 years has been more satisfying to people of color in this country than you have the only victory for Johnson." After winning the title, Jack Nonson will head the world of boxing, and the white supremacists, after seven years of persecution, disguise the reigning champion and return to his "right ethnic group". Thus began the era of the Great White Hope.

The era of the Great White Hope was as funny as it was tragic. Prom dancers have sunk the country in search of white contenders for more than 170 pounds. One of the athletes recalled: "The heat of the search, the white guys with good muscles, over six feet, two inches tall, were not safe from their mothers."

Ns Johnson, also known as the Galveston Giant, fought and eliminated the next five rivals, including middleweight champion Stanley Ketchell. The fight with Ketchel was especially memorable. Prior to the "Exhibition Concourse", two old fighters agreed to take it easy with each other, and they did so until the twelfth round, when Ketchell saw the opening and regretted ns onson with his right cross on his head. After standing on his feet, Joh Johnson was so upset that he knelt down to Crashell cold. The punch was so devastating that Ketchel and the 39th front teeth were fouled in the nonsson and 39th boxing gloves. The fight shows that Black Men is a big middleweight champion and teeth-to-glove fighter.

White America was outraged by the humiliating defeat of the Great White Hopes. Jack Johnson's success threatened the whole foundation of American society. Worse still, there is another black heavyweight in the ascent, oe no Janet. He had never had a white privilege and was preferably so successful and violent. Simmons writes: “It was almost alarming for White to be another lucky black heavyweight boxer, Oe Je Jeanne. Together Joh Johnson and Janet seemed to condemn the threat of white supremacy … "

Heavyweight retired champion and boxing legend James Ephris returns to the field with deaf ears. After the Kettle defeat, author Jack You London wrote: "Golden smile tells the story, and golden smile – ns onson & # 39; s, but one thing remains, J Ephris has to return from the alfalfa farm and remove the golden smile from Jack & Joh & Johnson. face. "

Eff Efery agreed to fight Joh Johnson. "I feel obliged to the sporting community to at least make an effort to reclaim the white-heavyweight championship … I have to come out to the ring again and show that the white man is king. Trade center. "

The meeting between Joh Johnson and eff Efrice was considered the Battle of the Century. Eff Efriz was an unforgettable legend. On the broad shoulders of White Amy Effrey all hopes of the white man rested. He meant gloomy, had a steel chisel, and hit like a truck. He stood six feet two inches high and weighed 225 pounds. In his championship, the eff ephrase could sprint 100 yards in more than ten seconds and could jump up to six feet.

Although he had retired in the previous three years, ries efrin trained for the nsson fight, as if his life were continuing. Նա կորցրեց ապշեցուցիչ 100 ֆունտ և մտավ պայքարի, որը որոշեց ջարդել Jackեք nsոնսոնին և վերականգնել ստատուս-քվոն Ամերիկայում:

Ծեծկռտուքն առաջ բերեց հանրային հիստերիայի մակարդակ, որը նախկինում Ամերիկայում չէր երևում: Սպիտակ ամերիկացիների համար effեֆրին վերահաստատում է աֆրիկյան անլիարժեքությունը «և այդ բարբարոսներին ոչնչացնելու սպիտակ ցանկությունը»: Սևամորթների համար nsոնսոնը պայքարում էր ռասիզմի և հետապնդումների ժառանգության դեմ: Հեղափոխական Reverdy Ransom- ը գրեց. «(W) գլխարկը Jackեք nsոնսոնը ձգտում է անել theեֆերինին ՝ ճոպանուղու ասպարեզում, ավելի շատ կլինի Նեգրոյի հավակնությունը մարդկության բոլոր ոլորտներում»:

Ռենոն ծեծկռտուք էր տանում մինչև պայքարը: Բռնցքամարտի երկրպագուների հետ փչում էր 15000 բնակիչ ունեցող քաղաք: Մարդիկ քնում էին իրենց մեքենաներում կամ զբոսայգիների նստարաններում: Բարերն ու բանտերը լիքն էին: «30 հոգուց բաղկացած մեկ ռեստորան ծառայեց երեսուն վեց հարյուր ընթրիքի»: Londonեք Լոնդոնը գրել է. «Ռենո, Նևադա. 1910 թվականի հուլիսի 1-ին: Ես ուրախ եմ, որ ես այստեղ եմ: Ոչ մի մարդ, ով սիրում է մարտական ​​խաղը, գին ունի և Ռենոյի վառ հեռավորության վրա է, պետք է բաց թողնի այս պայքարը: Երբևէ ոչինչ չի եղել: ինչպես դա ռինգի պատմության մեջ »:

Երկու զինյալները վերջապես հանդիպեցին 1910-ի հուլիսի 4-ին Նևադա քաղաքի Ռենո քաղաքում ՝ 20,000 խռովարար երկրպագուների առջև: Եք nsոնսոնը ծեծի է ենթարկել ավելի մեծ մարդու: Նա ավելի երիտասարդ էր, ավելի արագ և ավելի հմուտ, քան 34-ամյա effեֆրին: Նա նրան ծեծի է ենթարկել դանակով և կապել այն ճարմանդում, երբ երկու մարտիկները ներգրավվել են: Չորրորդ փուլով ակնհայտ էր, որ nsոնսոնը ավելի լավ մարդ էր:

«Գալվեսթոնի հսկան» պաստառապատեց նախկին չեմպիոնին: Նա ծեծի է ենթարկել և ծեծել նրան: Նա պարեց և ժպտաց ու կատակեց ամբոխի առջև ՝ նախքան մարմնին ջախջախիչ համադրություն սանձազերծելը, և աջ ձեռքը սայթաքելով մարտահրավերների գլխին: Nsոնսոնը խաղացել է effեֆրիսի հետ այնպես, ինչպես վագրը խաղալու էր հին տոմատի հետ, նախքան վերջապես չհրապարակելով տասնհինգերորդ ռաունդում սպանվելու համար: Nsոնսոնի և 39-րդ ջախջախիչ հարվածների հետևանքները զգացվել են ամբողջ երկրում: Ամերիկայի յուրաքանչյուր խոշոր քաղաքում ռասսայական անկարգություններ եղան: Պատմաբան Ռանդի Ռոբերթսն ասում է. «Նախկինում երբևէ մեկ դեպք տեղի ունեցավ այսպիսի տարածված ապստամբության պատճառ: Դեռևս մինչև կրտսեր Մարտին Լյութեր Քինգի սպանությունը կրտսեր պատանիների սպանությունը այլ իրադարձություն չէր առաջացնի նմանատիպ արձագանք»:

Blackեք nsոնսոնի սևամորթ հերոսը հերոս էր գտել: Ամերիկյան պատմության մեջ առաջին անգամ նրանք կարող էին ոտքի կանգնել և հպարտանալ իրենց ժառանգությամբ և իրենց ժողովրդով: Fateեք nsոնսոնը ոչ միայն հաղթեց fateեյմս effեֆրիին այդ ճակատագրական գիշերը, այլև նոկաուտի ենթարկեց 300 տարվա ռասիզմը, նվաստացումը և ճնշումը: Nsեֆրիի նկատմամբ nsոնսոնի և 39-րդ հաղթանակի ֆիլմը Ամերիկայում անցկացվող համագումարով արգելվեց: Laterոնսոնը հետագայում ձերբակալվեց 1912-ին և բանտարկեց մեկ տարի բանտարկության մեջ ՝ «անբարո նպատակներով կանանց (սպիտակներով) կանանց տեղափոխելու համար»:

Նա կրկին ձերբակալվեց նմանատիպ մեղադրանքներով 1913 թ.-ին: Ավելի ուշ նա գրավադրեց գրավի դիմաց և փախավ Ֆրանսիա իր կնոջ ՝ Լյուսիլի հետ, որտեղ նա անցավ յոթ տարի աքսորում: Բոլոր ժամանակների ամենավիճահարույց մենամարտերից մեկում Johոնսոնը կորցրեց չեմպիոնությունը 1915-ին Կուբայի Հավանա քաղաքում ՝ անսանձ կովբոյի հետ, որը կոչվեց essես Ուիլարդ: Մինչ օրս բռնցքամարտի մասնագետների լեգեոներները, ներառյալ ինքը ՝ «Գալվեսթոնի հսկան», պնդում է, որ պայքարը «շտկիչ» է, պնդելով, որ nsոնսոնը պայքարը գցեց ԱՄՆ-ում իր առաջիկա դատական ​​գործերում մեղմության դիմաց:

Ոչ ոք, բայց Jackեք nsոնսոնը երբևէ հաստատ կիմանա, թե արդյոք նա գցեց պայքարը: Այն, ինչ մենք գիտենք, այն է, որ առաջիկա քսաներկու տարվա ընթացքում սևամորթ մարտիկներին համակարգվածորեն մերժել են ծանր քաշայինների առաջնության հնարավորությունը `կառավարության և բռնցքամարտիկների պատասխանատուների միջև դավադրությամբ: «Սևերը» կտևեին մինչև 1937 թվականը, երբ լեգենդար աֆրոամերիկացի կործանիչ oeո «The Brown Bomber» Louis- ը ծանր քաշային կոչման համար ջախջախեց Jamesեյմս «Մոխրոտի մարդ» Բրեդդոկին:

Եվ այսպես սկսվում է oeո Լուիի դարաշրջանը, և բռնցքամարտի պատմության մեջ տիրում է ամենաերկար և ամենաառաջնային առաջնության սկիզբը: (1)

(1) oeո Լուիը ծանր քաշային կարգի առաջնություն անցկացրեց ռեկորդային 12 ուղիղ տարիների ընթացքում ՝ 1935-1949 թվականներին: Չեմպիոնության օրոք, oeո Լուիը հաջողությամբ պաշտպանեց իր տիտղոսը 26 անգամ ՝ սահմանելով ամբողջ ժամանակի ռեկորդը: 2005 թ.-ին «Բրաունի ռմբակոծիչը» բռնցքամարտի միջազգային հետազոտական ​​կազմակերպության կողմից զբաղեցրեց բոլոր ժամանակների # 1 ծանրորդ մարտիկ, և զբաղեցրեց # 1 տեղը Մատանին & # 39; բոլոր ժամանակների 100 մեծագույն մատների ցուցակը »:

Cruise Vacations. The logic behind the crow of travel

Many people find holiday vacations a memorable experience. You may find that many men and women are excited about how fantastic their sailing is. If you are one of those features who may not have discovered navigation yet, the time has come to get the job done. Listed below are the 10 reasons that will surely make you land on a certain navigation line:

1. Cruise vacations give you deals.

Cruise vacations provide you with great value packages mainly because they most often integrate food, accommodation and transportation into one package deal. Some deals can include even in the morning as well as at night.

A number of well-known voyages offer special offers for $ 100 per person per night. This is, of course, cheaper when compared to choosing a land hotel, dinner, and a show.

Many rows even offer deals, such as for children with or without sailing, or they usually offer discounted rates if small children share rooms with several adults. A few select much higher-end lines will offer you all inclusive travel voyages that include alcohol, soda pop, coastal tours, refueling, along with on-board travel credits.

2. Cruise vacations will allow you to reach many countries in one package.

Cruising doesn't have to take your luggage from one terminal to another. You can just get out of bed every morning and find yourself in a completely different city.

3. Cruise ships are fun for all ages.

Cruise ships provide guests with different ages. There are many ship operations for age brackets ranging from less than 5 or less. The large number of ships provided amenities for both adults and children.

4. Cruise Travelers Choose the right boat type and size for them.

As a result of the varied fun of choosing a boat, several boats accommodate special sailing modes, such as those suitable for single, married couples, households, events or alternative romantic environments and more. Navigation has wider possibilities than other types of vacation packages.

5. Navigation – Including accurate cakes for each age group.

In the last two arguments, navigation organizations aim to keep each of their special guests very satisfied with their leisure and recreation.

6. Cruise vacations do not need to be detailed in conjunction with long-term planning.

You don't have to think about hotel accommodations and make extra points between spots. In fact, all you have to do is book a vacation voyage, and your local travel agent can also arrange for various other prerequisites such as airline flight and hotel bookings if needed.

7. Cruise vacations will help you reach the outdoors.

Unless you feel completely protected when visiting exotic areas of your own, pirate vacations allow you to easily travel these areas. Just book on one of the few coastal tours for your cruise.

8. Cruise vacations should not discourage you from staying away from "civilization".

Cruise ships have become too large; they are pretty labeled cities in the middle of the ocean. There is always really everything you need and a cruise ship.

9. Cruise vacations are usually romantic.

Traveling by sea, such as your most famous series, The Love Boat, can be charming. Cruise ships provide the ideal setting for wedding events, honeymooners and even covenants.

10. Cruising lets you make new friends.

Undoubtedly, the great thing about traveling vacations is that it can be a great opportunity to meet new friends and share your favorite activities with fellow believers.