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Yesterday, after clearing support of around $ 10,000, bitcoin bulls failed to help push its price above this level and the BTC has now fallen to the top once again – $ 9,000 in the region.

Analysts are currently pointing out that Bitcoin is currently under pressure in the consolidation phase, but it is highly unlikely that this phase will deepen, as another major movement is likely to be inevitable.

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Bitcoin breaks below $ 10,000
At the time of writing, bitcoin is trading at just over 1% at its current price of $ 9,900, slightly reversing its daily high of almost $ 10,100.

Bitcoin declines to below $ 10,000 when the crypto community reacts to the somewhat frustrated Bakkt launch, as the physically populated Bitcoin futures platform has not yet received any significant use from large investors.

The platform is still well ahead of its launch, and analysts say it is still a very important development for crypto markets, but it is not yet clear whether Baxt will catalyze any significant movement inside the markets in the near future. .

Jacob Canfield, a popular crypto analyst, spoke to his 30-plus followers on Twitter about the current technical strength of the BTC on Twitter, explaining that it is moving towards a big move.