Ten reasons you should celebrate

Day yesterday is just a one day vacation. It's & # 39; It's a close friend of the "staycation" with the advantage that just one day it requires very little planning. It still looks attractive.

But before you get too distracted, it's worth pointing out the ironic twist in the daytime. At our fast pace, a hurricane lives on a vacation that can sometimes disturb us.

But wait. This is not what a vacation is going to do.

We may feel that many people rely on us, or they may compromise our responsibilities. Maybe we feel guilty about a holiday when everyone has to come to work.

If we can make it through, the daylight application itself is obvious.

  • Small commitment
  • Minimal planning
  • Available or free

Let's be honest: The only thing that prevents us from taking a day off is that … you got it, USA.

When you think about what might hinder you from taking a day off, really think about what you feel would be in jeopardy. Start by taking a moment to think about any feelings of guilt, fear, or anxiety. You can even write them down to look at them objectively. Then ask yourself: "Really, will things really spoil if I take a day off?"

And just in case you're still not convinced, here are ten good reasons why you should consider taking a long vacation:

  1. Disruption stimulates creative activity. Shake everyday.
  2. Practicing C means you are positioning yourself.
  3. The creation of the universe can cause a clear situation in life.
  4. Deciding how to spend an entire day returns you to the driver of your life and the 39th seat.
  5. If you feel overwhelmed for too long, restoring one day is a generous act of self-sacrifice.
  6. Especially with awful schedules, spending the whole day, as you see fit, is like taking a deep breath for 24 hours.
  7. You are almost certain to see / hear / experience that you would not want to have a "normal" day.
  8. Inviting someone you love to share with the day can create a very special memory.
  9. You can absolutely "hang out" one day of your life and remain a responsible adult.
  10. There will never be, ever such a day again.

Some causes resonate more than others. Today's & # 39; In the culture of always wanting to do more, you should not be surprised if one of these reasons is more that is real to you.

So … what are you doing tomorrow?