Sailing holidays and islands are chartered by private yachts

We use the island expression to indicate that we are picturing an island round trip or a single itinerary, with the probability of stopping on many islands on a tourist yacht. Not at all like a huge cruise ship stopping at several destinations, a sailing yacht can stop on all sides, particularly in an area like the Greek Cyclades, where the number of islands gives many choices for the guest. A week-long yacht rental of up to 7 islands (or destinations) can be visited without surprisingly long journeys daily. Options and features can be found & # 39; route & # 39; section, but the ship's companion or crew with their crew may also plan a regular schedule depending on their wishes and needs, depending on the weather.

What makes charter yachts in the Greek islands an interesting idea?

You do not have the permission to post a specific timetable according to the ferry schedule

You don't waste time packing and packing, as all your stuff is packed in your cabin. You only need to open them on arrival and re-pack them before departure.

You do not have to stress to manage everything on time and invest an enormous amount of energy. You just need to find the yacht that fits your needs.

It is important to stress after a planned arrangement if the weather is terrible and there are no boat associations between the islands.

You can customize it with your calendar as specified by your requirements or climate.

If you like the island more, you can stay for an extra night and another skirt.

On the voyage you have a fully-equipped kitchen and an ice box designed to allow you to have most of the airplane snacks while avoiding extra snacks.

The total cost of a one-person contract (missed charter) is two times less than the cost of the same ticket provided by ferries and hotel nights.

On the way to the next island, you can stop in any coastal area, isolated or confined, with the ultimate goal of swimming or snorkeling, crumbling, or having a mosque or dinner.

There are no obstacles to your decisions. One day you can choose a super coastal line and one of the following, which is simply accessible from the water park. One day you can pick up a crowded island, and the next day visit the smallest and most established port you can find in the area. One night you can sail to the port, and the following to a concentrated safe haven. have a late night swimming and a sentimental dinner under the stars. Day-to-day options, island-wide options can bring together a perfect sailing week.

Completing the above reason is what & # 39; Navigation in the Greek Islands & # 39; An incredible idea is the way you can also separate different flavors every day.