Can you imagine all the work of God in a small fishing boat in the midst of a violent storm?

This case identifies the qualities and qualities that are necessary and essential for leadership in critical times.

In Luke chapter 8 of verse 22 we read about Jesus Christ and His disciples floating in the lake, and Jesus, the Son of God, sleeping in the boat. Jesus is tired. He has preached and taught and answered questions. He is physically exhausted – worn out – dead – and needs rest. He is a man. He is a man. This is all He needs to rest. So often a good rest – a good sleep, everything we need. What a marvelous look at the humanity of the Son of God!

When Jesus is sleeping there, a storm arises, and the boat is thrown around, and there is a very real possibility of their ship sinking.

(We saw the storm on the shore of the lake, about 4 or 5 o'clock in the morning, from the beautiful room at the Ron Beach Hotel, located on the Galilean coast of Tiberia, where we had bathed a few hours ago now like a boiling pot. The cool air revolved. is through one of the valleys and falls into hot water, which suddenly becomes very rough. It was like putting your hand in a basin and drowning it up and down, and it's almost frightening, and boats can swamp or sink against rocks.

This is the situation these disciples are in, and Jesus is asleep. Water where the boat would go. These experienced fishermen knew the danger they were facing. This is a crisis. The whole future of God's work lay in this little fishing boat, ASLEEP.

Master and men, Lord and disciples, if now all that was possible to wipe out, what a victory for the enemy! Refer to what Jesus says to us these days, when we can so easily think that everything is lost. No, it will never happen.

Why can we be so sure? Because it says so in the Word.

The disciples wake Jesus up and tell him about the danger. If only they knew their real danger, far more serious than a group of drowning men. The enemy was trying to destroy it. He does this – to discourage – to depress – to demoralize – endangering our lives and seeking to destroy them.

Remember what happened. The kingdom was visible, and the kingdoms collided; A clash, and that can happen today. Different values. Priorities: collision and collision. We have seen that in case of sperm sowing, family pressures and other requirements and priorities. The kingdom of darkness encounters the kingdom of light. Now it is violent and can use violence. You have to win one kingdom to win, one kingdom has to win another. A kingdom must give way.

We stand with this kind today. Things come into our lives. Situations are created, we feel devalued, we are discouraged, we may even think we can be destroyed within an hour.

Stay with Jesus in the ship, in the Book, in the ship, and in the Book at such times. You remain FREE – maybe with some insecure questions, but still FREE.

Jesus, realizing all that was done, rebuked the wind and the raging water, and these powerful forces obeyed the Creator's even stronger voice, and ASAL descended upon the situation.

Jesus did not promise us a smooth journey, but He promises to be with us.

Then he asks his disciples: "Where is your faith?" And sometimes we have to ask ourselves, especially if we are demoralized or in danger.

These 12 men take another look at the character and power and authority and control of this mighty Lord, who can even command the winds and the waters.

This is the one who called them. This is the same one who called us.

They go to complete their journey on the lake. No wonder the devil did not want Jesus and His men to sail in a safe boat on this occasion.

What a sight to welcome Jesus and these disciples! A man came to Him, naked, with demons, guided by evil spirits, demons, and Jesus was dealing with it.

No wonder there was a storm on the lake. When storms occur, it will be helpful to ask why. Why at the moment? What is the reason? Why did this situation suddenly start, and where did this conflict originate so quickly? It may be wise to take the time to pray to God in prayer. There is usually an answer. Because of the suddenness of circumstances, there is an irreplaceable spiritual cause. Ask her. He is not asleep now, but is resurrected and reigned.

Sandy Shaw: