The Importance of Being Merciful

How crazy was your day today? Reflect on that for a moment with me… with whom you interact. What services have you received? Who touched your day? Who made the change?

Sunday only at 10am. It's 30, and I'm & # 39; I already had a strange day. I'm & # 39; I went out of town to a conference, my flight was delayed (in fact I was lucky as I was sleeping and cut it a little too close), there & nbsp; construction at the airport, so finding my gate. Labyrinth, Starbucks staff was crazy, and I realized when I boarded a plane that I had ignored to call ahead to advise my food allergy flight crew.

And, in any case, I witnessed incredible service, patience, and attention than expected.

Who went up and down to help you today? Were you thankful for them?

I really have set my imperative to start thanking someone every day, the difference it makes is amazing. We often write fake emails to criticize frequent customers, but what do we do when the service is exceptional? Have we reached the point where we expect a certain level of service? Do we take into consideration the goodness of others?

And that's what interests me. Have we forgotten the basic courtesy of being thankful? Are we also caught up in our day-to-day crashes, looking at our phones, rushing from activity to activity, from task to task that we & # 39; re? in our groceries, thank the staff for putting our bags in our basket, thank the barbarians of Starbucks for the "just perfect" amount of foam for our Latinos.

In 2014, I was searching for conference venues for a client, in one of the promising places I reached the Convention Bureau and completely knocked my feet off to pay close attention to them. All I had to do was make decisions there, and the representative took them to the airport, booked for the hotels, organized all the meals, and gave tips and tricks to make our conference in that city a success. Subsequently three conferences, three different cities, and not once did we receive this level of service. I sent them this week too. Mail, thinking about returning to their service and reporting how unique they were (shouting to the New Orleans Convention Bureau) THREE years ago.

I'm sitting on the flight now knowing that my food allergies are a challenge for the flight crew and just appreciating their professionalism. I was the one who forgot to call in advance, I know better. They were patient, kind, and kind to my mistake (thank you West Jet!) And took the necessary steps to make my flight more enjoyable.

So, I challenge you to make your mandate for this week thank you to each and every day. And I mean really thank them for their honest and eye contact. Imagine the difference we could all make if we were just looking for time and being thankful. Better yet, join me on the blog here and shout at the amazing people who have touched your life.

You're ready for the challenge.