How does travel transform the fashion industry?

Answer to Question & # 39; how travel transforms the fashion industry & # 39; it's clear: When Asian tourists of high socioeconomic status go to the US and shop for fashion accessories. they bring the international market with them. When they attract the attention of the best fashion brands, they take care of those […]

5 of the most romantic cities in the world

March to November: Wedding & # 39; season in many countries around the world. Weddings are equal to honeymoon, love and romance. We've compiled a list of the 5 most romantic cities in the world where you can enjoy your honeymoon. Even if you are no longer a newlyweds, these are great destinations to visit […]

Bitcoin News

Yesterday, after clearing support of around $ 10,000, bitcoin bulls failed to help push its price above this level and the BTC has now fallen to the top once again – $ 9,000 in the region. Analysts are currently pointing out that Bitcoin is currently under pressure in the consolidation phase, but it is highly […]

French Quarter. A Cajun Escape

Come back in time with the sights, food and music of the French Quarter and experience the cultural blend of French, Spanish, Creole, Cajun and American heritage. Quarter offers charming courtyards with plants and flowers, oak balconies, 18th and 19th century structures, jazz music swing and home-made fragrance. The French Quarter ensures the splendor and […]

New Orleans Jazz – News & Views – Elmer & # 39; Coo Coo & # 39; Talbert

Elmer Talbert “Your Coo” Born in New Orleans on August 8, 1900, died in New Orleans on December 13, 1950. Hotels Nearby You The following is a brief recap of Elmer Talbert’s career, thanks to “New Orleans Jazz – A Family Album” by Dr. Edmond Socon and Al Rosie (University of Louisiana Press). best travel […]

Travel travel in time to historic hotels

Most Trave travelers are attracted to books hotels for a wealth of amenities they offer, from waiters and pools to enjoyable breakfasts to award-winning restaurants. However, it is precisely the respectable history of these traits that is often overlooked. continental airlines reservations When faced with the temptation of time, historic hotels are deeply embedded in […]

Things to Consider Before Settling in New Orleans Pet Friendly Hotels

New Orleans has more than 25 pet-friendly hotels. Most of them come from hotels in different categories of the city. Overnight hotels are within the range of $ 100 – $ 150, and economy venues are within the range of $ 100. It's one of the favorite options that will allow you to have pets. […]